As department head, I keep a drama free, quick and efficient trailer that is a joy to enter.


An art scholarship brought me to the United States from Hungary in 1994 to earn a BA degree in Art and Theater. While pursuing my art degree I got exposed to the world of theater that ultimately steered me toward makeup design for film. After years of working on independent projects I got on the set of “Divergent” under makeup department head Brad Wilder, this experience quickly spring-boarded my makeup career.


In my portrait paintings I developed an understanding of the nuances of story-telling through character choices. When designing makeup for film and television I bring simple and elegant solutions that tells the story.

My training in studio art let me expand beyond straight makeup to sculpting prosthetics, and painting special fx. I have been also creating tattoo transfers on set, either as original designs or making copies of actors' personal tattoos for their doubles. -art -tattoo design